Award Council

An Award Council will be established with the participation and consultation of ISTTP Wise Persons Council and all of its bodies and institutional partners. The consultation process will be conducted by Office of Secretary General of ISTTP and with least bureaucracy and highest contribution; high participation will be tried to maintain. Latest technological communication opportunities will be used at maximum level during management of this process within ISTTP Network.    


Determination of Nominees

As particular persons and institutions can be nominated by all partners; also with surveys and nominations from outside of ISTTP and Think Tanks Forum of the OIC Countries, a candidate list can be prepared. In case of necessity; the opinions of universities and scientific intuitions can be taken into consideration. While determining the nominees; elected representatives can conduct interviews with nominees. 


Determination of Rudiments

ISTTP Wise Persons Board will meet before and after every Forum and make evaluation in order to determine the nominees, categories and the quality of the awards. The awards will be granted to the nominees within the agenda of the Forum ever year.


Quality of the Awards

Awards will be granted as specially designed objects and certificates.


Principles with Regards to Granting Awards

ISTTP is a peaceful international organization which puts emphasis on economic, social, scientific and cultural cooperation and adopts a realistic, consistent and humane globalization phenomenon under the theme of solidarity and brotherhood.

In the Islamic perspective; ISTTP which is based upon the freedom of speech and thought; is being scientific and objective with regards to Islamic Istanbul Awards as it is in all other activities.

Islamic World Istanbul Awards which will be organized in order for protection, development, integration and promotion of Islamic identity and culture; will be granted to those who have contributed to Islamic World based upon their qualifications.

In every category, as one or more than one persons may be granted with awards; also in the following years one or more than one categories may be removed from the ceremony. 

An Award can be granted to the individual only once; but he/she can be nominated or granted with awards in different categories at different times. 



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