Think Tanks Platform of the Islamic Countries (ISTTP) led by TASAM is a global organization which gathers representatives of member countries of the OIC, opinions leaders from the Islamic World around the world, Think Tanks and non-governmental organizations within the frame of multi-dimensional issues and strategically contributes to the deepening of common agenda and socio-economic integration. ISTTP; by increasing interaction within the Islamic World; aims to develop political, scientific, economic and cultural cooperation in order to contribute maintaining global peace, democracy and stability.     

ISTTP, which was established with the “Istanbul Declaration” in the result of Think Tanks Forum of the Islamic Countries that was held in January, 2010; has a reference mentality which explain Islam as a religion that refuses terror and extremism, and that defend to be pacifist, tolerant and balanced. ISTTP; is a civil integration process centered Think Tanks who have been adopting that historical refraction, which the humanity has experienced in the point of “strength and justice”, will be able to be passed over with a strong institutional representation in Islamic World.

In order to honor and encourage successful individuals and institutions that strengthen Islamic World’s vision, depth and integration in Think Tanks Forum of Islamic Countries and Wise Persons Board Meetings held in Istanbul, Baku, Cairo and Baghdad; ISTTP decided that Islamic World Istanbul Awards should be given to those individuals and institutions annually beginning from 2015 in the categories such as; state, diplomacy, business, science, culture, art, technology, strategy, sports and public diplomacy.



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